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xx Site Rules
« Thread started on: Mar 30th, 2005, 4:57pm »

These are the rules of X-treme Wrestling Federation. Please read over them carefully! If you have any questions contact a staff member. Thank you!

Rule 1: No flaming.

Rule 2: Try to keep it PG-14.

Rule 3: This is role play,not role fighting. Please do not attack a character in your posts. (exception: stables or you have the characters permission)

Rule 4: Do not take control of another handlers character ie. speak for them, move them, put them somewhere they aren't (exception: stables or you have the characters permission)

Rule 5: Do not attack another characters handler.

Rule 6: If you're offended by a post on the boards please contact the moderators.

Rule 7: Do not take a post made towards your character personally. This is all in fun.

Rule 8: Please don't try to start a brand (e-fed) war. The past is the past let's leave it there.

Rule 9: If you're unhappy about the outcome of a match, please contact and administrater/staff member and we will be happy to discuss it with you.

Rule 10: If you have an idea for the show or a storyline please contact us BEFORE Thursday so that we can have time to work it into the show accordingly.

Rule 11: Do not steal another persons character, and use it here. Doing so would be the Undertaker/Underfaker incident, where the real one would stay, and the other will be deleted.

The administrators will issue a warning on the first offense. If the member persists in breaking the rules they will be banned.

Above all else, have fun.
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