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Jan 18th, 2018, 07:35am

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A true angel has graced your presence.


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xx The Angel has graced your presence...
« Thread started on: Oct 12th, 2005, 4:39pm »

..::The crowd looks around in confusion as the lights suddenly flicker off. Lighters are seen being lit until a pink spotlight hits the ramp. A attractive young lady comes to the top of the ramp with her arms spread. White rain type pyro begins to pour from the ceiling until the girl finally throws her arm up with a finger pointing towards the ceiling. Another set of pyro goes off which results in a form of what looks like angel wings. The girls tags a few hands in the crowd and slides in. She grabs a mic and paces around while looking at the confused fans. She smiles and brings the mic to her lips.::..

Angel: Hello XWA fans. I am Angel. I just signed a contract here at XWA. I am happy to be a part of this great company. I've never missed a Eternal War or a ppv!

..:Crowd cheers:..

Angel: But on to business. Before I came out here to greet all of you sinful people I had a quick glance at the women's roster. Not very many but....I guess it will have to do. Then I took the liberty of doing some scouting. It was quite fun. Let's see what I remember..........

..:Angel scratches her chin a bit:..

Angel: Oh yes. First off we have Kaden. The sweet innocent little thing. Great talent no doubt. But it seems that she is being held back by a man. Typical. Sinful men. Good for nothing. Next on the list we have Angelic Suicide. She doesn't seem like a nice person at all. I guess she's hot stuff around here since she is dating the champion. Once

..:Angel rolls her eyes:..

Angel: And Ashe. "Take your drama to your momma." Clever. Another display of great talent. Except, the quality of getting beat up by rednecks. Tisk, tisk. And last but not least, the newest edition, Jada Starr. I've seen her around alot. And I mean ALOT. Sinful little girl. But like I said, not much in the women's division. Until now. I have a proposition for all the women superstars here in the XWA. I propose that we all women have a special little battle royal. Me and Mr. Davis have been talking about bringing in a new women's title. Finally, a chance for us to show these men that champions are the best and the women champions are just as god as the men. But, I need to OK from all you ladies. So, if you don't mind, grace all of us with your presence. We have much to speak of. But the main question is......who will be the first to greet little ol' me here to the XWA? I don't care if it's man or woman. I would like some company.

..:Angel puts her hands behind her back and stares at the entrance way and awaits for someone to make their appearance.:..
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xx Re: The Angel has graced your presence...
« Reply #1 on: Oct 13th, 2005, 12:14pm »

Take Your Best Shot by Dope echoes through the arena as Ashe hits the ramp. She makes her way down to the ring and slides in under the bottom rope before grabbing a microphone.

Hey kid! Whatís going on? Whatís happening? What yaÖtalking Ďbout?

::She quickly moves on, not allowing Angel to respond::

This is what itís like to be graced by the true presence of an angel? Well thatís just neat. So Angel, what brings you here? Ya gonna smite me? Ya bringing the Holy Smackdown upon the ladies of XWA? Or are ya just here talk about how you saw us all on the telly? Iíd like to say I saw you on television too, but unfortunately Iíve been busy with matches, promotional appearancesÖyou know, business. Oh, donít worry doll, Iím not out here to start anything. Iím just here to sayÖsave the drama for yo momma.

::Ashe steps back and deadpans::

Cause Iím a catchphrase kinda gal. Yeah, thatís me. Iím a jingle making, redneck hating, sexy young thing that can run circles around you in the ring. Wow, Iím a poet and didnít even know it. Snazzy, eh?

:: She begins to pace the ring::

Is that what ya expected darling? Or were you unable to recognize me without a redneck beating me down? Iím sure we can have Billy Bob Dumbass come out here to spice it up a bit if you like. Oh wait! We canít. He got his ass kicked last week. Huh, I wonder who did that? Do you know who it was Angel? I bet you do. Thatís ok, no need to say it.

:: Ashe stops pacing the ring, jumps on top of the turnbuckle and sits down::

Nice job scouting the talent girly-girl. You got Kaden, whoís off gallivanting with Idol in Nowhere, USA. And you remembered Angelic Suicide whoís somewhere in the back having a tender moment with Graves. EW. Ya got me and we can all see Iím right here. And you mentioned Jada Star. It seems like you took a real interest in her. Funny that, cause last time I checked Jada has yet to do anything here at XWA except show up when it suited her. Maybe you should set your standards a little higher next time, sugar.

:: She smirks at Angel::

Now whatís this about a new belt? Wait, let me rephrase that. Why do we need a seperate belt to show everyone that we're just as good as the guys?
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Save the drama for yo momma
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xx Re: The Angel has graced your presence...
« Reply #2 on: Oct 15th, 2005, 07:45am »

The remix of 'Sex and Candy' started playing and the lights went off. Kaden walked out and the pyros on both sides of her went off. The lights came back on and she had a very bright smile on her face. She looked around as she heard a mixture of cheers and boos emit from the crowd. She started her walk down the ramp with a pair of black stiletto boots, a pink tank, and a black mini skirt. She smiled at the girls inside the ring as she climbed in and joined them. Once inside she looked at the girls and gave them both a smile before speaking.

Well, Well... What do we have here? Ashe... and Angel is it?

She sized them both up and then gave a small laugh before continuing.

Angel, I love how you said that I was being held back by a man... Hmmm... Never once has david 'held me back'... well unless you count the bed...and only then was he holding me down.

She gave a small smile and then got a serious look on her face.

Nevermind that though. David has never held me back in anything that I have ever done and he definitly hasn't held me back in this business. If anything David has helped me become stronger. He's my everything. But I didn't come out here to talk about him. I came out here to talk about this so called match that you want to have. I am definitly up for it... but then again, I do really agree with Ashe... For once... that why should the women have to have their own belt? Why can't we go for the other belt?... Oh wait... I know why... All the guys here are pigs and they would hate to lose to a girl... That's right... Wouldn't want to hurt their egos... Would we girls?

Kaden gave a small smile and looked between the girls.

But seriously... I think that the match is a great idea. Finally then we can see which girl is actually the best... even without their man. Oh... and even without David with me at ringside... I'll prove to be that girl when I am standing there while the ref holds my hand up high.
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