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xx Travis' out of this world talkshow 7/26/05
« Thread started on: Jul 26th, 2005, 12:55pm »

*Intergalactic hits, and Travis of the Cosmos makes his way to the ring, in his street clothes and his mask. The stage setting is already in the ring, along with the insanely original, and redicuously expensive Trav-tron 9000!*

Travis: Ladies and gentlemen, hello, and welcome to another edition of Travis's Out of this World Talk Show!

*Crowd cheers*

Travis: Now last week, everyone saw what happened to Mr. Bob. Out and out, super bad news. Roll the clip.

*The camera zooms to the Tron and shows the clip of BVD being attacked by Alex DeLarge, and later losing his title match to JT Blade.*

Travis: Everyone knows, Air 4:20 would have smoked JT's ass. Though due to the most not excellent interference from my guest this week, that was not the case.

*Alex's music hits and he strolls out to the ring*

Travis: Why did--

Alex: Ho ho ho, if it isnt little Travis. How art thou? A bit bruised and what not? How'd that pedigree feel brother sir? How is your buddy Bob Van Dam?

*Mockingly does the thumb pointing*

Travis: He's fine, he'll be back after Independance Slam.

Alex: Looks as if little Alex did his job well...

Travis: Job! WHAT JOB?

Alex: The big boss, as it were instructed me to take out Van Dam. You on the other hand brother sir, are of no threat to us. In fact, he'd like you to join us.

Travis: NEVER! I'd never join anyone who'd hurt my friends, or attack people from behind liek that. Travis of the Cosmos is an honorable person!

*The corwd cheers in approval*

Alex: Well, that's very noble but stupid....

Travis: What?

*The two men get face to face. The the new church, Agony, Misery, and Dante make their way to the ring and join Alex*

Alex: You see? Very stupid brother sir. There are strength in numbers, and little Alex has the numbers.

*Travis reaches back and grabs a chair, trying to do so as unnoticed as possible. He swings and lays out Misery, and Gut shots Agony sending him through the ropes to the out side. Dante lunges for Travis and if met by a dropkick, as he makes it to his feet he turns and he and Alex begin scrapping. Officials and wrestlers pour out of the locker room to seperate the two. Everyone stops with Hightower at the top of the ramp.*

Hightower: Stop. All of you. Now, the New Church, you tell your boss I don't want anymore of you attacking the superstars. You can do that in the ring. And Travis! You just screwed up. I was going to let you find a partner for the PPV. But know, after this stunt, you can forget it. You will face me and Triple B in a handicap match! Now, security, take him away.

*Crowd boos as security escorts Travis out of the building and the New Church slowly exits from the crowd.*
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